We treat your body as if it is a car; you fuel it (eat/drink), you drive it (movement) and you service it (annual check up).  You already do this for some bits of your body (teeth – dentist, eyes – ophthalmologist, ears/blood pressure/heart – GP) so why not for your physical body that moves you around from task to task every single day.

Our comprehensive Body MOT service offers an individual prehabiltative approach to movement and fitness – think of it as preventative maintenance for your body to keep you stronger, healthier, moving better, and pain- and injury-free for longer. It includes a thorough full body assessment, any treatment required and guidance/ education to assure your body is well maintained to perform, whether that’s tasks of your lifestyle, work set-up or sporting activity. We’ll look at any previous injuries/pain you may have had, any movement restrictions, strength weaknesses and lifestyle factors that are influencing your position or posture.

We will then collate this information to develop strategies such as biomechanical correction and strengthening programmes to reduce risk of injury and enhance your body’s self-efficacy. These can then be worked on with our specialist staff and If required, we can recommend a number of additional treatments or preventative measures, including yoga, pilates, Sports and soft tissue Massage, and Personal Training, all of which are situated under the same roof we work from.

We assure you’ll come away with a better knowledge and understanding of your body’s movement patterns and awareness of any areas of weakness or instability.

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