Welcome to Athletic Generations

Based in the East Midlands, situated on the beautiful outskirts of Newark-on-Trent,  Athletic Generations is a supportive and welcoming service offering a 360 ° approach to all your needs. We are a dedicated provider of pioneering healthcare in physiotherapy, rehabilitation and sports performance services, with clinical expertise in elite sports medicine and sciences.

We take time to ensure your problems are listened to, your requests are met, and your goals are reached, in support of your age, gender and level of athleticism.  Whether you’re overcoming an injury, recovering from surgery, have a long-standing problem or simply wanting to take care of your body/mind.

Athletic Generations are here to help.

Our Vision
To be a leading provider for premium rehabilitation and physical performance services at affordable prices for both the athletic and public population, through empowering individuals with self-efficacy and innovative interventions to achieve individual goals.
Our Mission
To deliver evidence based practice and 1-1 support through individual high-quality care following injury or promotion of physical performance outcomes at affordable prices.

Our 2 focal focuses;

1). To provide a premium rehabilitation service in a warm supporting environment that promotes the restoration of optimal physical efficiency and movement quality of injured individuals through patient-centred care and holistic approaches to enrich health and well-being. We assure that our patients feel empowered to achieve their goals and understand their body, whilst supported with a friendly dedicated team that will problem solve any hurdles you may face.

2). To provide a high-performance training centre where aspiring sporting talent can access a highly-skilled and experienced multidisciplinary team of sports specialists with expert knowledge of a range of sporting demands. This collaboration of knowledge and experience provides service delivery of individual plans to enhance athlete growth, efficient kinematics, sport specific skills and performance training through education, programming and goal setting to improve the opportunity to emerge into the professional elite environment.

Our Commitment
Athletic Generations endeavour to provide a flexible and friendly approach in educating our clients on the value of their body, and igniting an enjoyment for body awareness and freedom of movement. We prime our focus around obtaining the results you want to achieve through a holistic and multi-disciplinary approach through the development of thorough detailed treatment plans created together targeting specific functional tasks for your personal goals. We assure our service and information distributed is built from evidence- based practice and current research guidelines and use a variety of treatment modalities including manual therapy, electrotherapy and exercise rehabilitation.

With Athletic Generations, you’ll leave feeling supported, satisfied and with answers to your questions.

Why Choose Us
With years of experience and world-class knowledge, we’ve helped so many individuals overcome injury and adversity through our dedication and commitment in helping you achieve your personal goals.

  • Individual Client-Centred Care
  • Affordable prices
  • Elite Services
  • Warm and Welcoming Passionate Staff
  • Quick Results in a Timely Manor
  • Clinic, Gym and Sport Training Environments
  • Best Evidence-Based Practice
  • Extensive Knowledge of Musculoskeletal Injuries



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